I founded my company in 2016, but the passion for baking and food began at a younger age. This same passion was the driving force to become an entrepreneur and try my own thing.

Our mission is to raise consciousness around food. We are part of a community promoting a healthy lifestyle. This is a movement that sets an example for plant-based eating to increase health and wellness for both us and the planet. Thank you for supporting our small business.

My team and I strive to create events that allow you to enjoy not only your dining experience, but a stress free party as well through our friendly service and hands down great food

Bakerika pitää catering tilaus laatikkoja kädessä.


When I was younger, cooking and baking have been a big part of our family weekends. Being together, listening to music and cooking great food has been the best part of the weekend. The love for baking has started also started on the weekends. My mom banned baking sweets during the week, so Saturday became my favourite day of the week. 

Being in the kitchen has always been therapeutic for me and will always be. When I was little i was often asked if I wanted to become a chef when I grew up. My answer was always no. I didn´t see myself as a chef growing up, it was enough for me to do what I love in my spare time.

Bakerika istuu viinilaatikoiden päällä.


Becoming an entrepreneur was an accident. We made a deal with my mom that I can bake during the week if I went to the neighbors door to door to offer them baked goods that I had made. This was the best thing ever. At first, I didn’t accept any money, but my neighbors were exited to support my hobby. Soon friends of our family started to ask if I could bake cakes and other sweets for special occasions. Gradually orders grew and my business took off. 

New customers wanted a more formal way for billing, so I started to think about really opening a business. I read about different yritysmuodoista and decided to open a osakeyhtiö. From the time of being 17 years old I have been running my own catering business in Finland.

Bakerika pitää kitchenaidia kädessä.


My first restaurant job was dishwashing at the age of 17. I was instantly hooked to the kitchen, it was unlike anything I had experienced before, watching the people who were like modern rockstars in my eyes pushed me to handle the extreme pressures required to be a success in this industry.

Being a chef is a lot of work, but loving what you do makes it worth it. Now having worked at restaurants in Finland, Spain and Australia I want to take all of the experiences I have gained here and mould them into the foundations of my own business.